Targeting Texture in Gelatin-Free Low-Fat Yogurt

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When formulating ice cream, many developers take advantage of the texturizing and stabilizing capabilities of gums like guar and locust bean gum. When using standard guar gum in delicately flavored applications, it is common to use more flavor to combat guar’s notable “beany” or “grassy” off notes in both flavor and odor.

With Caragum® 200 FF from TIC Gums, formulators can now reduce their flavor use rate in delicately flavored applications that previously used standard guar. Formulators are able to achieve cost savings while maintaining flavor, texture and stability.

This blog post will give formulators a solution to combat guar off-notes and achieve significant cost savings. Exclusively included in this download:

  • A deep dive into off-notes
  • A customer savings success story
  • Cost savings analysis charts