Redefine indulgence in your instant protein beverage

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Learn how Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system can help enhance texture and suspension in fortified instant beverages. Fill out the form on this page to request for sample today.


Hydration rate in action

Watch this video to see the comparison rate of hydration with Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH.

Achieving Consistent and Optimal Hydration Rate for Instant Protein Beverages


How can Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH help?

Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system enhances texture and suspension in fortified instant beverages. It is designed to provide suspension, viscosity and stability, and improve overall texture by reducing chalkiness associated with insoluble protein or fibre.

Key benefits:
  •  Suitable for instant beverage
  •  Reduces chalkiness
  •  Delivers uniform and quick dispersion during reconstitution
  •  Provides better hydration which assists in gaining viscosity within seconds
  •  Maintains consistent viscosity over a longer period of time
  •  Gives better suspension of solids