Not all cheese is the same

The demand for processed cheese is on an upward trend in ASEAN.1 Health and indulgence are key drivers in encouraging cheese purchases and innovators in the manufacturing and food service industries are creatively incorporating more cheese into their food and products, going beyond burgers and pizzas.2

However, not all cheese is the same and texture plays an important role in creating a heighten eating experience. Whether it is for diced, sliced or spread cheese applications, SIMPLISTICA DY7210 stabiliser system can help you achieve your desired texture.  

- Provides firmness and springiness to reduce deformation
- Delivers controlled melt property with better bake stability
- Non-sticky property that enhances ease of dicing, slicing and shredding
- Improves gloss in spread
- Enables cost saving by reducing protein down to 10% in the formulation

1. Euromonitor
2. Innova market insights – Cheese: China & South East Asia July 2017


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