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Explore our plant-based alternatives to fish. We’ve formulated them to have the crunch, texture and mouthfeel of fish…while never being anywhere near the sea!

Our team has even more to offer. Are you interested in trying these prototypes to accelerate your product formulation? Reach out to us to receive a kit, order samples, get technical help or learn more about formulating with food systems.

plant-based seafood kit


Ingredion helps you take your product innovations from whiteboard to reality faster- with an inquisitive, open-minded and consultative approach to achieve your goals more quickly and minimize risks. We partner with you to understand your product formulation innovation and renovation needs. Then our technical experts create optimized system of ingredients that work in synergy in your formulations and help reduce complexity in your operations. We’re with you every step to accelerate your product innovation success.

The plant-based seafood kits are available in limited quantities, and will be sent out as supplies last. Don't forget to follow up with our plant-based seafood formulation checklist, designed to help formulators stay organized.

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