Don’t lose your consumer-winning organic labels

The global organic market is growing. Today’s savvy shoppers are looking for labels they can trust, and as one of the most regulated food standards, an organic label helps consumers make an informed purchase decision and feel good about their choice. The coronavirus pandemic has done nothing to dampen the demand for organic, with consumers viewing these food and drink products as safer and healthier.

If you want to attract European shoppers looking for organic food and drinks, you’ll need to comply with new EU regulations coming into effect in 2024. If your organic products contain non-organic waxy maize or rice starches, you will need to reformulate your recipes by 1st January 2024* to keep consumer-winning organic claims.

Download our Guide to Organic Regulations to discover:

  • How EU regulations are changing for organic food and drinks
  • How consumer demand for organic products is growing
  • How to reformulate and tap into the commercial potential of organic

Find out what you need to do to stay ahead of the new regulations. Download your guide now and get ready for the changes.

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