‘Indulgent’ and ‘healthy’ rank within the top 10 attributes consumers are willing to pay a premium for1.

Lean into the opportunity to capture the hearts and minds of consumers through food and beverage options that have health and indulgent attributes.

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38% of Asia Pacific consumers are looking for food and beverages with mood-boosting benefits2. Innovative concepts in this category provide indulgent and healthier options that meet consumers' lifestyle priorities.

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With our proprietary insights, Ingredion has identified three areas of opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to capitalise on:

  • Permissive indulgence
  • Focus on health & rest
  • Elevated eating experiences at home

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1 2020 HealthFocus® International Global Topic Report, Healthy Indulgence & Snacking

2 2021 ATLAS Ingredion Proprietary Consumer Insights Program




From dairy and savoury foods to snacks and baked goods, Ingredion has the expertise and solutions you need to achieve a balance between indulgence and well-being during these stressful times.

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