Who are the meat-minimisers and what are they looking out for?

The Gen-Z and Millennial consumers are more drawn to eating less meat.

In Asia-Pacific, health, sustainability and animal welfare are the main reasons for reducing the consumption of meat, driving the growth of meat alternatives in our region. With this shift driven by the increasing number of flexitarians, meat alternatives must satisfy the consumer expectations in taste and texture. However, tapping into this huge market opportunity is no easy task. Whether you envision creating vegan nuggets that both adults and children will enjoy, or plant-based burger patties for the juiciest burger on the block, successfully mimicking meat products with plant-based proteins takes specialised knowhow and expertise.

Formulate a winning meat alternative product with Ingredion’s suite of product and services. Ingredion’s plant-based protein solutions are sustainable, non-allergenic, and clean label. Beyond that, we have a wide portfolio of ingredients to achieve your desired protein levels, texture, mouthfeel, and front-of-pack claims. All to help you quickly develop the on-trend plant-based products that consumers will savour.

Get a head start with these meat-alternative formulations.
- Plant-based meat patty formulation
- Clean label Chilli sin carne formulation

Plant-based burger patty Clean label chilli sin carne

Hear Ingredion experts share their knowhow on plant-based meat alternatives:

Ingredion discusses what’s next for meat alternatives in Asia-Pacific

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