Baked goods and snacks with plant proteins

Consumers today are attracted to new eating experiences and better-for-you options. Because of this, we are seeing major innovations in clean label, vegan, and gluten-free offerings in baked goods and snacks. In addition, the interest in plant-based and reduced-sugar diets are paving the future of baked goods.

Create better baked goods with enhanced texture and improved nutrition. From delivering on nutrition fortification to replacing or reducing fats, egg or dairy components and sugar, Ingredion’s portfolio of specialty starches, sweeteners, fibres and plant-based proteins can help you achieve baked goods and snacks that defy expectations. At Ingredion’s Idea Labs innovation centres, we support you with consumer insights, formulation expertise and scale-up solutions, taking a concept to scale quickly to win on consumer appeal and speed to market.

Fortify your baked goods with formulations:
- Crispy pulse crackers
- Light crispy faba bean fried chip
- Protein enriched white pea bread

Crispy pulse cracker Light crispy faba bean fried chip Protein enriched white pan bread

Hear Ingredion experts share their knowhow on plant-based proteins can strengthen the appeal of your baked goods:

Ingredion shares how plant-based proteins checks all the boxes for a winning NPD

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