Dairy alternative insights

With plant protein increasing in popularity and appealing to broader groups of consumers, what impact does it have on the dairy alternative market? Watch this video where Chloe Gao, segment marketing manager for Dairy & Beverages, Ingredion Asia-Pacific, talks about the latest market insights and key drivers of plant-based diets amongst consumers today.1 Find out how food and beverage manufacturers can get more of this protein in more of their products and support on-trend package claims.

Dairy alternative beverage

Dairy alternative beverage segment is fast-growing, with Asia-Pacific region taking the biggest chunk of the total market.2Watch our dairy alternative beverage insights video to get a snapshot of the drivers and consumer insights fuelling this growth to inspire your next-winning, trendy innovation on dairy alternative beverages.

We can help beverage manufacturers to fortify their plant-based beverage while achieving the desired sensorial experience, smoothness and taste profile to keep consumers coming back for more.

Vegan cheese

With increasing consumers switching to vegan or flexitarian diets,1 we see the increasing appeal of plant-based products. One segment to watch for is the vegan cheese segment, which has been seeing 68% CAGR growth in new product launches 2014-2019 in Asia Pacific.3

Catch up on the market insights for this fast-growing segment in this video and how we can help you to formulate this vegan cheese with ease.

Download these dairy alternatives formulation to kick start your product development.
- Creamy black bean sesame pea drink formulation
- Silky ultra-heat treatment pea milk formulation
- Emulsifier and dairy-free (cheese block and slice) formulation

Creamy black bean sesame pea drink  Silky ultra-heat treatment pea milk  Emulsifier and dairy-free cheese (block and slice) 

Hear Ingredion experts share their knowhow on plant-based dairy alternatives:

Ingredion shares thoughts on how to lead the dairy alternative market with a plant-based approach

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1. Ingredion proprietary quantitative study 2019 (India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea)
2. Euromonitor 2019
3. INNOVA database