Label Friendly Stabilizers for Powdered Protein Beverages

Meet your texture targets and label claim goals with Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth

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Instant protein beverages--once relegated to a post-workout supplement for the most active consumers are now a staple meal replacement for nearly all consumers.

With broader appeal comes more interest in the ingredients used in the product and increased demands to meet specific labeling or nutritional requirements. Sometimes, these demands result in the addition of vitamin-mineral blends, fiber, or protein, which increases the level of particulates. Consumers, in turn, may describe this texture defect in a finished beverage as “grittiness.”

Using Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL, formulators can meet nutritional goals and provide a pleasant drinking experience while using label-friendly ingredients. 

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  • Texture profiles comparing different stabilizer options
  • Prototype formulations
  • Destabilization kinetics of three different instant protein beverages