The Alternative Universe: An eGuide for food and beverage manufacturers

The Alternative Universe is one where plant-based and alternative meat, dairy and other food and drink products are no longer alternatives – they’re the norm. It’s a place where plant-based products are accessible, affordable and where the food supply chain supports the wider ecosystem.

It’s also a place that everyone is striving to get to. Learn more about the Alternative Universe with Ingredion’s three-part eGuide, which explores:

  • Growing opportunities in the alternative and plant-based space
  • Key innovation challenges we face in getting to the Alternative Universe
  • Formulation breakthroughs that are moving us toward this future

Download the eGuide and forge the new plant-based frontier today.

In a world that rewards the agile, inventive and sustainable, Ingredion has the people, proficiency and passion to help you anticipate what’s next and succeed.

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