Consumer demand for cheese is growing. Currently worth €69 billion, this market is predicted to grow by 4.3% CAGR by 20241, with the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe leading the way.

To capitalise on this trend, you need to find a balance between product quality, processability and cost considerations – all while delivering the sensory experience that consumers have come to expect in processed and analogue cheese. 

Inside Ingredion’s new trend report, ‘Meeting the Demand for Cheese’, you’ll discover the latest forecasts and market trends driving this category. 

  • Learn how consumer demand for cheese is growing 
  • Benefit from practical product development insights 
  • Find out how to save money without compromising on quality and sensory experience 

Download your free report now to discover the opportunity in cheese, identify your next big opportunity and deliver ROI for your business. 

1 Euromonitor, 2020

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