Calculate potential savings in dairy commodities with tapioca

Address your manufacturing needs and consumer desires. Deliver premium dairy commodity products, made from sustainable tapioca ingredients, while making cost savings.

Try our easy-to-use cost calculator to simulate your formula and find out how much you could save:

  • Protect against the challenges of cost fluctuations
  • Make products affordable and delicious
  • Improve the shelf-life stability of products
  • Reduce fat and maintain creaminess and mouthfeel

Savings are based on the volume produced per annum (variable), the cost of skimmed milk powder (variable) and the cost of tapioca starch (fixed), using a standard stirred formula. Savings may further fluctuate based on changes to the formula (protein and fat). As with all tools, this calculator is intended to simulate, not replicate, what a manufacturer would expect in using tapioca starch.

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