FoodReview Indonesia Dairy Seminar

Date: 20 June 2019
Location: International Convention Center, Botani Sqaure, Bogor, Indonesia

Ingredion is proud to be the main sponsor for FoodReview Indonesia Dairy Seminar.

In this seminar, our dedicated dairy experts will be presenting on current and upcoming consumer trends to help you differentiate in the market. We will also be talking about shared challenges in the dairy applications and how Ingredion’s wide range of solution can help you overcome it.


10:00 – 10:45am

Keeping a pulse on the latest dairy trends in sugar reduction, sustainability and clean & simple labeling

Winnie Koh, Asia Pacific Platform Leader – Clean & Simple Ingredients
Benny Yap, Marketing Specialist, ASEANI

Dairy products have always been perceived by consumers as nutritious and healthy. However, with increasing health awareness, consumers are demanding healthier yet great-tasting products to suit their evolving lifestyle. In ASEAN, food trends such as sugar reduction, growth in plant-based food for food sustainability and need for clean label are emerging in the dairy market, suggesting new opportunities for manufacturers to tap on. Ingredion’s marketing experts will be navigating these trends, sharing ideas on how manufacturers can capture these group of consumers and keep the dairy market in the pink of health.

11:00 – 11:45am

Innovative solutions for sugar reduction and protein enhancement in dairy applications

Suh Fang Thng, Manager, Innovation Projects, Beverage, Asia Pacific

In recent years, there has been an upward demand for sugar reduction and protein enhancement dairy products. This is driven by increasing health-conscious consumers, new government regulations and consumer’s thirst for innovative products. In addition, consumers are also expecting companies they buy from to practice sustainable sourcing of ingredients that are recognisable to them. Given the complexity of dairy products, a single formulation alteration may result in a less than desirable taste and texture. Creating a new product is no easy feat without innovative and customised solutions. In this presentation, we will share on the common formulation challenges faced by manufacturers and how they can overcome them without compromising on what consumers love.

Registration fee is at Rp 1200000/ person.
For more information and registration please go to FoodReview Indonesia Website.

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