Stretchy, chewy, soft - the 3 key attributes of a Mochi texture

The stretchy, chewy, and soft texture elements which originate from glutinous rice cakes from Japan is now being added to food products for a new and enhanced eating experience that will surprise and delight consumers.

Be it to add extra stretchiness to your donuts, or add chew to dumpling skins, or achieve better freeze-thaw stability with your frozen goods, we have the formulations to help you jump start your innovation. 

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  • Mochi bread: Maintain chew texture longer 

  • Dumpling skin: Achieve unique chewiness and enhance free-thaw stability

  • Donuts: Add a touch of springiness to donuts

  • NoodlesAdd a springy texture and reduce sogginess in noodles 

  • Mochi: Breakthrough with different degrees of mochi-ness 

  • Waffles: Create soft waffles with a Mochi bite

  • Ice cream: Create stretchy and creamy ice cream and slow down melting rate.



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