Savoury innovation, set to delight your consumers

The Savoury category is reaching new heights. Consumers are looking for more choice and creativity than ever before.

Do you want to be able to offer more sustainable and healthy options to your consumers?

After unexpected ways to excite and delight using different textures, interesting flavour pairings and alternative ingredients?

Working with Ingredion, you have access to the latest science from our global network of Idea Labs® innovation centres, where you can find inspiring ideas to introduce into your brand and product offering.



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Our Savoury Insight Story covers the upcoming trends that are set for steady growth in the savoury category.

Our in-depth insights can help you take your brand and products to the next level.

Savoury for total well-being

Find out how snacks are being made healthier

Download Savoury Insight Story

Savoury with ease

Recreate the fine-dining experience in ready-to-eat meals

Savoury with excitement

Find out what global flavours your consumers are wanting to see

Savoury with conscience

Consumers will continue to work towards a more sustainable future and expect savoury manufacturers to support these ambitions

Savoury without artificiality

Demand for clean label shows no signs of slowing

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Savoury Insight Story to discover:

  • The trends expected to shape the segment
  • Which countries in APAC are tipped to embrace them
  • How to translate each theme into consumer-winning products