Satisfying savoury sensations 

With more and more people turning to cooking at home to save money and improve their health, it’s never been more important to recreate the classic flavours and textures that until now could have only been found at a restaurant.

Want to know how you can give consumers that just-fried crispy chicken result at home?

Keen to make the most dedicated meat eater fall in love with your plant-based alternative?

Working with Ingredion, you have access to the latest science from our our global network of Idea Labs® innovation centres, where you can find inspiring ideas to introduce into your brand and product offering.

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Grilled Sriracha Chicken Skewers

Using cleaner ingredients like rice flour instead of modified starches

Download Savoury Concepts Report

Truly Crispy Tenders

Using a corn derived starch for a deep fried result

Vegan Ground Meat

Made with wholesome pea protein isolate

Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

With lower oil and salt levels has a moderate flavour and authentic pulpy texture

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