The world of dairy has been reimagined

The key trends for the Dairy category have never been more innovative. It’s now easier than ever to achieve that recognisable creamy dairy texture even with plant-based ingredients.

Want to know what best non-dairy ingredients deliver the best “dairy” product?

Want some inspiration for using less sugar without compromising on maximum flavour?

Working with Ingredion, you have access to the latest science from our global network of Idea Labs® innovation centres, where you can find inspiring ideas to introduce into your brand and product offering.


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Our Dairy Insight Story covers the upcoming trends that are set for steady growth in the dairy category.

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Dairy without sugar

Find out about the latest natural sweeteners

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Dairy with plant power

Learn about the right ingredients to use for a smooth consistency

Dairy without artificiality

Keep your products cleaner with honest ingredients

Dairy with ease

Focus on speed and ease-of-use for on-the-go consumers

Dairy with novelty

Cutting through the “noise” with an attention-grabbing concept

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Dairy Insight Story to discover:

  • The trends expected to shape the segment
  • Which countries in APAC are tipped to embrace them
  • How to translate each theme into consumer-winning products