Delightful dairy inspiration

Dairy alternatives have never been so important for the consumer. Until now, soy has been the most popular option, but now, the choice extends to nuts, seeds and beyond.

After a dairy-free dessert that is full of indulgence?

Want to achieve the perfect consistency when it comes to plant-based yogurts and ice creams?

Working with Ingredion, you have access to the latest science from our global network of Idea Labs® innovation centres, where you can find inspiring ideas to introduce into your brand and product offering.

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Our Delightful Dairy Inspiration magazine details some of the newest ways you can achieve great results on popular dairy products like yogurt and ice cream.

Our tried and tested ideas can help you take your brand and products to the next level.

Plant-Based Yogurt

Using clean texturisers and plant-based isolates

Download Dairy Concepts Report

Fluffy, Clean Yogurt

Made with clean starches that enable a longer shelf life and that desired smooth yogurt texture

Plant-Based Ice Cream

With guilt-free ingredients that still deliver great creamy results


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